Home name: Ariel

Pedigree name: LUKE WʘDROWIEC Stumilowy Las

 Date Of Birth: 16.09.2008

Gender: Male [STUD DOG]

Color: Sable  

Tatoo: 777K  


Microchip: 967000009250243    




Why Collie?


Sometimes little, supposedly not important in a particular moment thing can be beginning of something amazing... Not that long ago I had a friend in a primary school who, just like I, read a lot of books with pleasure and usually a standard reading wasn’t enough. Especially interesting books we used to recommend to each other and in that way I've reached for Lassie, come home! by Eric Knight. Although book doesn’t bring too much information about breed, the story about incredible friendship between the boy and the dog stuck in my mind after all and strictly Collie became to me beings I always think of with special liking.

There was nobody in my family and around who had specific knowledge about dogs, so I didn’t know anything about breeding, dog shows etc. for many, many years. One day my cousin generally mentioned something about plans to have his own dog in the future...

A lot of time passed from that conversation and finally on 16th September Brégo (BARRY Wielowiejska Zgraja) came to us.

Brego ze swoim opiekunem - Krzysztofem

Brégo with his owner - Christofer

Brego i Antalwen

Brégo and Antalwen

We became friends very quickly and in time also my knowledge about that breed has grown. I have registered on Polish Collie Internet Forum which is not only a great source of information, but also Collie lovers meeting place, including breeders. On March 2006 I visited International Dog Show in Katowice for the first time. Then there were Łódź, Poznań„, Gorzów – traveling and meetings with people from Internet Forum started and I was getting more and more sure that Collie is a wonderful choice.


Katowice-Spodek 25.03.2006, XI Międzynarodowa Wystawa Psów Rasowych

Katowice-Spodek 25.03.2006, XI International Dog Show



Stumilowy Las (kennel)


At the time I joined Collie Internet Forum, in that small kennel two puppies – Nivellen and Nimue – were growing up. Their parents were Mayday (DAFI z Psiej Oazy) and Simba (Amalie A MILD WONDER).

Simba - Amalie A MILD WONDER & Mayday & Mayday - DAFI z Psiej Oazy

Simba - Amalie A MILD WONDER & Mayday - DAFI z Psiej Oazy


Stumilowy las: Nivellen & Nimue

Stumilowy Las: Nivellen & Nimue


I was delighted by Mayday from the very beginning, but I can’t explain why I just took a liking to her... Soon Nimue set off to her new home near Warsaw and Nivellen stayed at breeding and got a home name – Nazgul. He participated in dog shows twice and he also took the first place two times in a row. During one of those shows I had a chance to meet him live – unfortunately it was the first and the last time I saw him, because he died suddenly before he reached the 15th month of his life... but he’ll always be especially important and outstanding for me.


Nazgul - Nivellen Stumilowy Las (31.10.2005 – 22.01.2007)

Nazgul - Nivellen Stumilowy Las (31.10.2005 – 22.01.2007)

Nazgul - Nivellen Stumilowy Las (31.10.2005 – 22.01.2007)


On July in Czech Republic Mayday and Ryan met each other. Ryan – Prince of Sunlight QUENCHLESS LOVE was born in Hungary [Prince of Suinlight Kennel] and he temporarily stayed at Lenka Petraskova’s breeding in Czech Republic for a few months [Ever After Collies].


Ryan – Prince of Sunlight QUENCHLESS LOVE


Ryan with relatives

RENDEZ-VOUS Ever After "Renda", RISE AND SHINE Ever After "Shina",

Prince Of Sunlight QUENCHLWSS LOVE "Ryan", BLIND DATE Ever After "Bonie",

HARRIET At Ever After "Hetty", MORNING GLORY Ever After "Morny",

ACTUALLY Ever After "Tuulla", ENTIRELY Ever After "Eny"


xplorer winter

XPLORER of Slatestone

(Grandpa from Mother's side)


(Grandpa from Father's side)


SARAH DruĹźyna Alfa

(Grandma from Mother's side)

Prince Of Sunlight BLACK HURRICANE

(Grandma from Father's side)


Grandparents from father's side

From mating of Mayday and Ryan on 16th September 2008 three puppies were born in Stumilowy Las kennel.


Laila Ksiꙿniczka: Stumilowy las: Laila Księżniczka Stumilowy las: Laila Księżniczka
Leon Zawodowiec: Stumilowy las: Leon Zawodowiec Stumilowy las: Leon Zawodowiec
Luke Wę™drowiec: Stumilowy las: Luke Wędrowiec Stumilowy las: Luke Wędrowiec


Leon and Laila stayed in the kennel and Luke, whom I was entrusted with care for him, set off a long journey and then settled in Rogoziniec. And in a such way our common adventure begins!

Luke Wę™drowiec (“Luke The Straider”) is known as Ariel in my home. Why this name? A years ago when I thought about my own Collie for the first time I was dreaming about sable-coated bitch. At that time name Arielen came into being, which in Sindarin – Elvish Language from Tolkien’s books – means The Royal Star (Tokelauan: Tupua Fetū, Hawaiian: Hokulani). It seemed to me very appropriate – it reflects dignity and full of joy, good temperament of Rough Collie. Ariel is a male equivalent. Ariel is also a good ghost of wind in The Tempest by William Shakespeare and in Hebrew it means The Divine Lion. All these labels fit to Collie in some way. For me Ariel is not only a dream that came true, the proof that it’s worth believe and trust. It’s also a miracle I discover every day again and again, beloved being, which doesn’t let me to forget how wonderful the world is. He is simply... MINE! Day by day we’re learning how to understand each other, we’re getting know better and better and it still goes on. For that great gift I want to thank from the bottom of my heart!



*** I know we're different, but deep inside us we're not that different at all. ***

Brego ze swoim opiekunem - Krzysztofem

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